7 things I’ve been loving lately

7 things

Hey everyone, 

How are you ? It’s been a while ! I know, I know, I’ve let you down. But the last month was entirely dedicated to me resourcing myself with my family, and frankly, I didn’t want to do anything else but just be with them. But anyway, I’m back and better than ever. Today’s post is all about self-care, and how to be and feel happy in simple ways.

I sometimes get really blue, especially when the weather’s bad or when there are little things that don’t go my way. In those times, I like to think and do things that make me happy. Because yeah, we, unfortunately, have to push ourselves out of the covers with a kick on the rear.

Here are the things that help me do that. 


Reading more soul-filling books

What I mean by that is not only to read books that you like, but to read books that focus on what makes you sad, or on what you feel is a challenge for you. For example, if organizing your life is a challenge for you because it makes you feel like everything is fuzzy and unclear, then you should look for books that help you organize your life in a way that suits you and that makes you happy. Or you can just start with books like Oprah’s. Those kinds of books I feel can never go wrong, they always bring you something new, whether it’s a new light on something or just a simple knowledge.

Playing guitar again

I started playing guitar again as a hobby. I love music and playing guitar is something that simply makes me happy. My advice is to find an art that gets you out of your mind, whether it’s painting, dancing or singing. Just find an activity that makes you happy.

Cooking daily 

This also falls under that same category. I used to meal-prep every week before. But since I realized that it actually doesn’t keep me from ordering outside, or saving time, I decided to go back to the traditional way of things, cooking per meal. Doing it that way gives me more room to be creative about my meals, and I love it.

Having a routine

As simple as it sounds, having a routine keeps you from getting bored. Getting bored is your mind running wild on miscellaneous things. It’s you not even knowing what to do, even with all those thoughts. So having a set and defined path for the day, every day, will make you do things without having to think twice.  Personally, it helped me not having to walk around the house anymore for hours before realizing its time to eat lunch and I haven’t even had breakfast yet.

Learning more about photography

This one is more about passion. I’ve always loved photography and knowing that I’m doing my best to create more quality content for you, but also knowing that I’m improving myself in that makes even more happy.

Slow soul music

I love all kinds of music, but lately, this one has been the kind I’ve been coming back to the most. Music like Khalid’s, or Anaïs’s, or even Jazmin Sullivan’s.

Bullet journaling

This is actually new to me. But I love that I can doodle, track my progress and organize myself at the same time. It has something calming too to spend hours on drawing lol.


What are things that make you happy ?





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