Brunching downtown

Hi everyone !

I am finally back. The semester being finally over, (yes, we survived it !), I decided to come for a week in one of my favorite cities to kind of cool down, see members of my family, and revisit the town because I like it so much here. 

Toronto is so cool, it makes me kind of think of New York and because I love eating so much, it has everything I need lol.

If you are a food lover like me, and you’ve been or want to go to Toronto, you know brunching is a no-brainer. There are tons and tons of brunching places here and all are even more marvelous than the other. I’m literally always drooling in front of their menus. So this time, I made it a crucial part of my visit in town to go for one of them. I had to before I went back, and I made it ! 

And boy was it worth it ! I had never had a brunch that good.

The restaurant I chose was the Lady Marmelade. I had heard of it from one of my friends, and in the end, I just had to go. She made it sound so good that I absolutely had to try.

Mamie et bébé

Mamie et bébé-2

Mamie et bébé-3

Mamie et bébé-4


The Lady Marmelade is located on the east side of town, on Queen St. What I loved about this place, is that it is and feels so cozy, and different in its own way. The low lighting made it even more convivial, and casual. It’s just one of those kinds of places to share a meal with friends and family or a lover and forget about everything else. And that was enhanced by how the waiters were treating the customers just like old friends.


Mamie et bébé-5


Besides, the food was absolutely gorgeous and literally made me smile from anticipation lol. Although, I had to wait until I took some pictures for you before diving in. Y’all blogging ain’t easy when you’d rather eat it first haha.

But anyway, on this occasion I chose the benedict egg on house-cured salmon and herbed cream cheese with a mango smoothie, and it was tastier than it sounded. First time my African palate didn’t have to add salt and pepper to the dish. Yeah, I know I too can’t believe it (jk). The house potatoes were surprisingly spicy and made me love them so much, and just the overall plate was pretty balanced in taste and size.

People, even the salad was good, with a kind of Asian salad taste to it. I can already tell you nothing will be left of your plate at the end of your meal.


Mamie et bébé-6

Mamie et bébé-7

Mamie et bébé-8

Mamie et bébé-9

Mamie et bébé-11


Gosh do I love brunches ! Do you ?

I hope you enjoy this short post and is salivating as I am, just thinking about my next meal in this gustative town.



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