What I’ve learned in 2017

Hi everyone !

Happy new year !!  Yeah I know we’re kind of almost already a month trough. But hey ! It’s still a new year right ? So let’s just keep it all positive here (not trying to find a diversion or anything 😀 ).

Talking about positive vibes, I’m coming to you today to talk about lessons learned. Because as much as we hate to talk about the past, we sometimes have to take the time to press the pause button of our bursting and high speed going lives, just to think about what we’ve learned during the past year. I know that everyone is really about putting everything behind, and focusing on the famous ever so bound to fail new year goals (well at the very least for me), which by the way I absolutely don’t believe in. And not just because I tend to fail the most part lol.

However, I do believe that pressing that pause button is not only absolutely necessary to learn something about who you are, and who you are becoming, but also to know where you are and where you are heading in life. Because otherwise,  it would only be a « let’s get done with the year » type of situation, where you would just wander around each month trying to find something to do just to get done. Resulting in blankness at the end of the year when you are trying to remember what happened during the year. Don’t worry I know what I’m talking about, I’ve been through that. And I can already tell you, that it’s really a pity and a waste when you don’t remember much about how your life has been going during all that time, good and bad equal.

But anyhow, this is just my personal opinion. Let’s move on !

So what was 2017 for me ? For me, it was mostly challenging in a personal way. You know, a «me, myself and I» type of situation.

Basically, I got to see what it was to be in a business grown-up situation where you write emails to people and they never answer you, forever testing your patience (not cool people by the way, not cool at all). I got to feel the joys of being unemployed, and a broke student (which is nothing new). And I also got on the verge of losing my foreign student status and seeing my dream get shattered into thousand pieces.

But in the end, even with all that happened, you know what ? I still got to learn a lot, and see the beauty in that year.

Now when I’m telling you all these bad things of my year, you must think that it must have only been misery, all the way through. How didn’t I drown myself in tears ?

Well, that’s because there are some people that coincidently or fortunately happened to be passing by at the worst moment, and happened to say something to cheer me up unknowingly.

And thank god for those persons. And thank you to them also.

So back to that beauty part lol.

Although the year was filled with peaked moments of despair, I got to travel in Western Europe by myself. Well, almost. I was with my little brother. But still, all the responsibility was on me. I got to see my elder brother get married, and got to feel the never-ending stress of organizing such a day. Especially, in an African household. I can tell you already, that’s terrible. Great, magnificent, superb and grand, but terrible.  And lastly, I got into my new apartment and got a job. Yes, in December finally. Better late than never right ?

Now, not to bore you eternally, I’m gonna get straight to what I learned in the end, through these few lines.

Trust that you are on the right track, and where you ought to be. Because you’ll never be where you want to be. Why ?

If you got where you wanted to be, then there would be no reason to keep going.

Life is a journey, not a race with a finishing line. 

There’s no start,

There’s no finish,

There is just keep going.

Finally, I learned how patient I could be, and oh boy how they tested my patience. I learned that sometimes when things are not happening the way you want, that’s maybe because it’s not yet the time for you to go down that road, or maybe it is time for you to let go of that path and move on. And I also learned that sometimes when things are breaking apart, its usually the way of the universe to ask you, and test you for how strong and convinced you feel about something. In the end it will either be validated or left aside, only for the better. A door closed, is just a way to get you focused on another door opened.

Wow, I feel so philosophical right now ! Might be because it’s 4am here. 😛

I hope you enjoyed this post and that it was useful to you in some way.

Tell me in the comments how was your year and what you learned from it. I would love to hear about it !



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