What to do when there’s nothing to do

 Lately, I’ve been really struggling as to know what to really blog about. Because let’s face it, nothing much is happening in my life right now. Like really nothing. It’s not even a joke. Which, now that I think about it, actually makes it so much sadder lol.

I’m currently in a place in my life where I’m not working, I’m not studying, and I don’t have any ongoing project. Like nothing is happening. Sometimes it almost feels like time has stopped.

However, it’s in these kinds of situations that you really realize, that while you were complaining all year long that you didn’t want to work or study anymore, that when you actually haven’t got neither, you’re life becomes worst then boring. Yeay !

What is there to do when there’s nothing to do? 

Well, you still try to do something I guess. But what?

There comes the real trouble. A neverending phase where you’re caught in a cycle of asking yourself what to do, for so long that you actually never do anything of your day. Same thing the next day. And the next, and the… (I think we get the point.)

There’s a question similar to this one that my dad always asks me as a joke, and seriously  I still haven’t found any answer to it. Maybe you will.

What do you do when you don’t know how to do anything ?

I always answer : something.

But as he always says, «something» would mean that you actually know how to do something.

Yes, that’s that kind of frustrating question that you wonder about for hours and eventually, forget about it as you get slowly distracted by something else.

(Is that chocolate cake I see over there ? Yes, that’s exactly the one you’ll never get because you are supposedly dieting. I know, I have big issues and real existential questions.).

But anyway, back to what I was saying in the beginning.

I was struggling with blog posts until I recently stumbled on a post by Sarah on the blog Note to self, where I was reminded that there’s no point in waiting for the perfect time or the perfect subject to blog about. Because, in the end, we all know that life isn’t perfect and eventually those perfect timing posts won’t be as true to you as you think they are in the end.

And let’s face it, no one is really interested in perfection.

What we really want to read about is how other equally unperfect persons are getting about with their daily mistakes, boredom and happy laughable moments.

So here is a post purely about my answer to the question : what to do when there’s nothing to do. Since it is really what I’ve been asking myself lately.


To some people this might be way too simple, to others too vague. Nonetheless, it can be really hard, especially when you don’t have any specific passions.

For me, I’ve always been interested in arts. All of them. I try to do them all. Photography, painting, drawing, singing, playing guitar, dancing, cooking, crafting, eating… What ? It’s not an art you say. Honey, watch me take down a whole dinner party table and then we’ll talk ok ?

So now, you might ask yourself, if I do all these things, how come I don’t have anything to do, and I’m bored ?

Well, there comes inspiration. If you don’t get inspired, there’s no way you’re going to use any of those passions to entertain yourself.

Inspiration, can be anything and come from anywhere. Going from simply watching videos on youtube, to taking a walk downtown, or just reading or watching things from people you admire.

It could be really anything. Take time to think about it and have fun with the process.

If you still don’t know what to do, my best advice would be : Just start. With everything and anything that your heart leans toward. Anything at all will do. Until you find something that will make you get up every morning impatient to start the day. Write a book, DIY your new living room, read books, try new recipes, discover new places in your city, write songs, take a dance class or get ahead of your life goals. Whatever, you feel like !

Apart from using this imposed free time, as I call it, to develop your passions, it’s also the best time to reflect on yourself, your achievements, your goals etc. And also if you have your family living close, this would be the best time to spend more time with them. Life is short people, make the most out of it, even when you don’t know what.

Life is short people, make the most out of it, even when you don’t know what.

I hope this post was in anyway helpful to you. Let me know what you think about it ! I’d love to know your answer to these questions. What do you do when you have nothing to do ?



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