Bucket list : All the countries I want to visit

If someone asked me which countries I would want to travel to, the list wouldn’t be long. It would actually fit in three words : “all of them”. But I guess it wouldn’t be considered as an elaborated answer, would it ? So in this post I am about to share with you my goals concerning the countries I’d like to visit.

First of, let me explain something. When I talk about my travel bucket list, unlike others, it’s not over a period of one year. It’s about my whole life. And there’s many reasons to that. One, I don’t have enough money for that. It is actually so expensive to travel  depending on where you live and where you want to go. But as a general rule, students don’t have money. And I am a student. Two… well that was basically that lol.

But really you never know what the future holds. So unless you’re sure that during a certain period of the year you won’t have any obligations (work, school), I wouldn’t suggest picking a lot of countries for one year. Because usually that results in you being depressed at the end of the year, because you didn’t get to travel all the countries you wanted to, almost forgetting about the blessing of you travelling or even of you being alive. So with that being said let’s see what is inside my travel bucket list.

The seven wonders of the world

Ever since I was little, I always have been intrigued by these, being a mystery addict. It is just so weird to think that men build them without any technology whatsoever. Unfortunately the list always changes so this is my list of it. I had the chance to already have visited one of them.

The great wall of China



Cristo Redentor statue



Taj Mahal of Agra



Machu Picchu



Chichen Itza

















Great pyramid of Giza












Other than these as everybody, I would love to see Islands like :

  1. Canary Islands (I saw one of them : Tenerife)
  2. Hawaii
  3. Dominican Republic
  4. Malaysia
  5. Indonesia
  6. New Zealand
  7. And the biggest of them all : Australia


Of course I also want to visit Europe, Africa, and Southeast Asia. But as I said before I want to visit the whole world. For now these are the ones that I can list, but the rest is of course included. As a matter of fact, this summer I am already planning on going to Europe revisit some countries that I have seen when I was younger. Also, I will try my hardest to visit Senegal in its entirety. Because I think that all person, before sailing to see the world, should start to its doorstep. It’s amazing to be able to see the world but if you don’t even know what your doorstep, your country, your culture looks like, can you really talk about discovering “new” cultures ? Canada is also in my mind as it is also the closest lol. I live in Canada if you didn’t know. But of course there is one thing left finance. Now start the brainstorming onto how to gain more money !




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