Learn to get out of your comfort zone

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Since my childhood, I’ve always been the kind of girl to stay at her place, and not try anything risky. I remember, whenever I asked my dad something and he said no, I would never make him repeat it twice or push any further to get it. But I realized that it’s not an attitude to have in life ! When you want something you should fight for it and never go into it with a bag of negativity. Go positive about it and it will definitely work out ! And this is the year I experienced it.

This year is not only a year of a new way of thinking but it’s also a year of change. It’s time to get out of the box and of your familiar zone to discover who you really are through your body and souls adventures. It’s time to be daring. Dare to explore the world, dare to reach for success, dare to do anything your heart desires the most.

Life is short and you never know when you’ll be out of this world, so make everyday a day to remember. One of the questions I always ask myself when it comes to changes and choices is : if I was to die tomorrow, would I be happy of the life I lived or remorseful of the things I didn’t dare do when I had the chance to.

Of course it doesn’t have to be drastic, learn to do it step by step and you will eventually become successful and happy.

In my own opinion there are three zones you have to go through in order to get to the final zone of happiness where you’re comfortable as much as you are in your skin, than you are  in your environment (anything that surrounds you : house, people, work etc..).

  1. Zone 1 : not comfy in your skin or your environment. At this point you’re looking for change in your life but don’t know how to get out of your comfort zone. You just need a kick to start moving !
  2. Zone 2 : not comfy in your skin but comfy in your environment. Here, you have just realized that you have to get moving, so you start with the exterior and create a cocoon for yourself and are holding on to it as the last thing on earth.
  3. Zone 3 : comfy in your skin but not in your environment. Now that you have reached and realized that the most important point is your self-love, you are strengthening your inner-self and looking for room to grow. And now from there, you can remodel your environment as you please to make it the best ever and the one that suits you.

Of course as much as you can go up, you can go back down. But always remember that if you are in a certain zone, the next is not so far and unreachable. As soon as you’re one step out of your comfort zone, the magic happens !

If you want to know how I got out of my comfort zone, just stick around !  😉

“Your largest fear carries your greatest growth”



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